Our Happi Filter
Our Happi Filter

Our Happi Filter

The Happi filter is the jewel in our purifier’s crown. And by jewel, we mean stink magnet that collects all the dust, odors, and pollutants that tend to get stirred up while you’re busy living life.

  • A bucket-shaped initial effect filter to scoop out dust, hair, dander, and other large particles
  • A HEPA, antibacterial filter to remove pollen, dust mites, and fibers
  • An active carbon filter to absorb formaldehyde, TVOC, and other harmful substances
  • A photocatalyst filter that degrades noxious gases, captures bacteria and removes bad odors.

  • An ultraviolet ray that reduces certain viruses and bacteria on targeted surfaces.  

These layers work together to capture 99.95% of the bad stuff in the air, making this the most effective and efficient filter on the market. Sign up for our subscription service to always have fresh filters at the ready.

You can’t see air, but you can read reviews

Our Happi Customers

Brandon M.

Love it...I used to have a Germ Guardian but you could never smell the air change. This does the job and the sensors can sense my partner in the other room vaping or 420 and the thing goes into overdrive to clean the garbage in the air. I have no regrets dropping the cash on this beauty!


James H.

Not really oversized. I went for the black one for my kitchen. Satisfied with the purchase.


Robert V.

Purchased one for living room. Easy to put together and simple instructions make for easy setup. Compact design allows for you out somewhere within the house and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s super quiet on the lowest setting which is recommended, so you can’t even hear it.


Danny M.

This thing has been great for cooks like me. Definitely buying more for the rest of the family!


Mike L.

I have this running 24/7 on my desk at work and feel much better after just a few weeks. its so quiet I barely notice it, until my coworker comes back from his smoke break and happi turns red and the fan speeds up to clean the smell. super cool!


Jason N.

No more waking up fatigued as now I can sleep peacefully. I've been using this for a month now and has really worked great.