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“If you need a purifier, this is the one, I’m telling you. It’s so easy to use and maintain, and with such a tiny footprint to boot”

Vanity Fair

“This purifier brand uses top-quality HEPA filtration to remove the dust, particulate matter, and other invisible floaters from the air. The clean, cylindrical design—available in white or black—does its best to be invisible, too.”

Happi air purifier with magazine


“...a quiet little machine that uses a five-layer filter to clear your (and your baby’s) air of 99.95 percent of any pollution, dander, odor, germs, and dust from small rooms…”


“This My Happi Air Purifier ($129-$149) has kept my home's air clean throughout some of the worst air-quality days (smoke included).”

Happi air purifier in kitchen


“Happi’s Air Purifier uses [a 5-layer HEPA filter] designed to catch dust, odors, fibers, gases, and toxins, and displays its progress on a small LED screen.”

Happi air purifier in living room with a chair

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“This sleek air purifier and monitor is perfect for a new homeowner. The smart screen lets you keep tabs on air quality, temperature, and humidity.”

Home Business Mag

“This is a perfect gift for the dad who loves health and wellness, is always looking to upgrade his home with the latest gadgets, or is passionate about protecting the planet.”


“This is especially thoughtful for dads who live in areas often affected by wildfires, like California or the Pacific Northwest.”


"The screen on the front lets you know the airborne particulate matter levels at all times, and when the light turns red (meaning bad air quality), it gets to work!"

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