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Happi-ness 101

You don’t have to wear a lab coat to nerd out about clean air. Explore how Happi works, all the way down to the particle.

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Easy Controls

No smartphone app needed

Smart Display

Measures air quality in real time, including temperature and humidity*
*temperature and humidity on Our Happi only

Filter Life

Knows when you need a new filter and updates you automatically

UV Light

Helps to reduce airborne bacteria other purifiers might miss

True HEPA H13 Filter

99.98% capture rate of airborne particles ≥ 0.03 microns in size**
**efficiency at MPPS (0.03μm), result from 3rd party laboratory report based on ISO 29463 standard.

Out with the bad, in with the good.

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We’re cleaning the planet's air, too

Happi turns off and on automatically to save energy and uses about as much power as an LED lamp when it’s on. We even make up for that “on” time by planting a tree for every unit sold. Trees are nature’s air purifiers, after all.

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