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Simple Controls

Simple design meets smart controls.
No smartphone required.

Smart Display

Measure and monitor, air quality, temperature, and humidity all in real-time.

Filter Life Indicator

Knows when your Happi needs a new filter and updates you automatically.

Easy 3-button control panel

You shouldn’t need a PhD in Virology to know what's in your air. You shouldn’t even need a smartphone.
Our simple 3-button control panel takes the guesswork out of breathing easy.

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UV Light
UV Light Power Fan

What does your Happi air purifier actually capture?

Happi’s smart sensor automatically starts cleaning the “ew” in your air the second it's detected, capturing allergens, dust, pet dander and 99.98% of particles 0.03 microns and above.

“...we finally had a great night’s rest. asterisk

Scientists have found that clean, purified air improves the quality of sleep—and that better sleep is as beneficial to our happiness as 8 weeks of therapy, or winning a quarter of a million dollars.


Jenna, ★★★★★

Tree Pollen
Forest Smoke
Dead Skin
Airborne Pollutants
Pet Dander
Coal Dust
Cigarette Smoke
Grass Pollen
Dust Mites

Next generation air filtration

The same multi-layer technology found in the expensive guys. Our 5-layer True HEPA H13 Filter contains an activated carbon layer, UV bulb, photocatalyst mesh layer, and initial effect layer.

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Ultra-Fine Filter

Filter with a bucket-shaped structure that scoops out dust, hair, dander, and other large particles.

HEPA H-13 Filter

The high-density filter forces air through a fine mesh that helps remove pollen, dust mites, and fibers.

Activated Carbon

This honeycomb-shaped filter traps formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Leak-Proof Net

A super-fine mesh layer to degrade noxious gases and reduce bad odors.

UV light

The built-in ultraviolet bulb helps to minimize or reduce bacteria.

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Happi Customers

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one tree planted leaf
one tree planted leaf

We’re cleaning the planet's air, too.

Happi turns off and on automatically to save energy and uses about as much power as an LED lamp when it’s on. We even make up for that “on” time by planting a tree for every unit sold. Trees are nature’s air purifiers, after all.

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